Progressive Librarians Guild Monthly Meeting

Join PLG for our first monthly meeting of the new semester! 

This month, Al Kagan - Emeritus faculty member at Illinois and author of Progressive Library Organizations: A Worldwide History - is going to talk with us about the history of PLG. If you'd like to do some reading in preparation, Al has suggested the chapter on PLG in Progressive Library Organizations (Ch. 7) and a recent article updating the book. Links can be found on our Moodle page. We also have two physical copies of Progressive Library Organization in our collection if you prefer that. Please come with questions for Al! But also feel free to reach out to anyone on leadership if you have any questions before February 6th!

Kagan, Alfred. Progressive Library Organizations: A Worldwide History. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2015.
Kagan, Al. "Progressive Library Organizations Update, 2013-2017." Journal of Radical Librarianship, v. 4 (2018): 20-53.

Questions? Contact Kiri Palm

This event is sponsored by Progressive Librarians Guild