CFG Seminar: Linh Hoang

This week doctoral student Linh Hoang will lead a reading discussion session on "Automatic knowledge base construction - from knowledge extraction to representation."

Linh would like to focus the discussion mainly on the paper "DeepDive: A Data Management System for Automatic Knowledge Base Construction", so reading this paper prior to the meeting is highly recommended. She will also discuss some other relevant readings from the AKBC 2019 conference that she attended last year.

The CFG seminars for this semester are on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. in room 341 and online (via Zoom). Further details about CFG can be found on our website. For most up-to-date information about the group, please subscribe to our mailing list by subscribing online or sending an email with the subject line "subscribe cfg."

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This event is sponsored by Conceptual Foundations Group