Data Curation Roundtable Brownbag

The theme of this week’s brownbag is Data Curation Education. Who is doing exciting work in the area? What are the conceptual foundations of data curation for machine learning?

Please feel free to bring your lunch; coffee and treats will also be provided by CIRSS. All are welcome, including students in any programs and faculty, students, and researchers from across the University. Please send any suggestions for discussion topics to Karen Wickett.

About the Data Curation Roundtable

Data curation is the ongoing management, description, and organization of data to enable sharing, access, preservation, and use of data throughout its life cycle. The curation of research data from science and scholarship presents particular challenges and opportunities.

The Data Curation Roundtable is a regular, informal event—a time and place to talk about our own projects related to data curation (in any stage of development from brainstorms to ongoing), interesting projects happening in other places, things we have or want to read, data curation education, data governance and policy, and big picture brainstorming and discussion.

This event is sponsored by CIRRS