iSchool Master's Student Showcase

We are taking the iSchool Master Student Showcase online this year! Unfortunately we will not be able to do our poster session in person, but we are altering the event so that we can come together virtually as a community, connect with each other, and learn about our MS students' research. See below for updated schedule:

Lightning Talks

4:05-4:10 Simone Stone, "DNA Privacy"
4:10-4:15 Jeanmarie Floyd, "Library Policy & LGBT"
4:15-4:20 Kevin Redline, "Ethical Codes and Enforcement in the History of Information Professions"
4:20-4:25 Niken Shah, "Illinois Extension Impact Dashboard"
4:25-4:30 Lena Bohman, "The Living and the Dead: Public Space and Race in Rural Cemeteries"
4:30-4:40 Q&A for first five talks
4:40-4:45 Kadet Alaks, Katherine Howell, Francisco Juarez, and Haoyong Lan; "Creating a Circulation Database and a Program for Federated Search"
4:45-4:50 Mohit Gupta, "Data Science in Mental Health & Pollination by Bees"
4:50-4:55 Kiri Palm, "Sparkle Boys and Helpful Rabbits: Genderqueer Representation in Children's Picture Books"
4:55-5:00 Kathryn O'Conaill, "White Supremacy and Oregon Academic Libraries"
5:00-5:05 Sayantan Dutta, "Distributional Perspective on Reinforcement Learning"
5:05-5:15 Q&A for second five talks

Questions? Contact Rebecca Hodson

This event is sponsored by iSchool Student Affairs