Diversity Committee business meeting

Please join us for the business meeting of the Diversity Committee. This session is open to everyone in the community.

The Diversity Committee oversees all aspects of the efforts by iSchool to foster a diverse community in support of the campus Diversity Values Statement, subject to the approval of the full faculty on substantive issues, including but not limited to: policies and procedures as related to representation of the diversity of worldviews, histories, and cultural knowledge across a range of social groups including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities, economic class, religion, and their intersections. It works with other iSchool committees, the iSchool administration, faculty, staff, and students to identify issues that need to be addressed and to document accomplishments. Please enroll in our Moodle for access to agendas, minutes, reports, and our online meeting room.

Questions? Contact Kathryn LaBarre

This event is sponsored by iSchool