IS 400 Colloquium - Tine Walczyk

Tine Walczyk presents "Effects of International Service Learning Experiences in LIS."

It can be easy to become insular in one's view of their profession and their immediate worldview. To capture how an international service learning experience may prompt LIS students to evolve beyond a US-centric perspective both personally and professionally, a hermeneutic study was conducted to document and analyze their lived experiences. The study used a horizon analysis method to compare the pre-experience worldview of the participants with experience stories collected after returning to the US. The researcher hypothesized that by being sequestered in an international service learning experience students would deepen their knowledge of the LIS profession. Topics investigated were:

  • How does experiencing another culture affect LIS students?
  • How does studying librarianship in another country affect LIS students?
  • How does participating in a library focused service learning opportunity affect
  • LIS students’ knowledge of their profession?
  • How does being immersed for three weeks in a foreign culture with other LIS
  • students and LIS professionals affect knowledge of librarianship?
  • Where are this experience and previous ones convergent or divergent and why?

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