Responsible DS + AI Speaker Series: Laura Nelson, UBC

Laura Nelson CIRSS seminar

Laura K. Nelson, assistant professor of sociology at the University of British Columbia, will present "Partial Perspective and Situated Knowledge: A Feminist Appraisal of Machine Learning and AI."

Laura K. Nelson uses computational methods–principally text analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, and network analysis techniques–to study social movements, culture, gender, and organizations and institutions. Previously, she was an assistant professor of sociology at Northeastern University, a postdoctoral research fellow at Northwestern University, and a postdoctoral fellow at the Data Science Institute and Digital Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley, which is also where she received her PhD. She has published in outlets such as the American Journal of Sociology, Gender & Society, Poetics, Mobilization: An International Quarterly, and Sociological Methods & Research. She is currently on the editorial board of Sociological Methodology and is an associate editor at EPJ Data Science.

Selected publications:

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The Responsible Data Science and AI Speaker Series discusses topics such as explainability, reproducibility, biases, data curation and governance, and privacy.  The series is co-organized by Associate Professor Jana Diesner and Assistant Professor Nigel Bosch at the iSchool at Illinois and hosted by the iSchool's Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS). 

This event is sponsored by Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship