Brandon Batzloff presentation

Brandon Batzloff will give a presentation in response to the prompt, "Given the current challenges and trends in information sciences, tell us how you are prepared to help our school’s program grow and thrive?"

Batzloff is an expert in social systems dynamics. Their PhD training took place in the Cognitive and Information Sciences Department at the University of California Merced. With a focus on the resilience of marginalized communities in the face of climate shocks, Batzloff scales empirical research with individuals to theoretic models of large-scale social systems, and then applies this research to real world projects. Currently, Batzloff is the director of a STEM education institute at the University of Northern Colorado where they developed a plan to use education equity initiatives as a tool to increase resource access for the marginalized communities local to the university. These initiatives have also been used to establish a pipeline of students from indigenous communities in surrounding states for the purpose of helping those communities become more independent and develop ownership of research.