iSchool Student Showcase

2022 Student Showcase

The iSchool Student Showcase will be held online on Wednesday, April 13 from 3:30-5pm CT and in person on Thursday, April 14 from 11am–1pm CT. These events are free and open to all.

Online Wednesday, April 13

Theme: Bias, Misinformation, & Disinformation
Wanpeng Lieu, Detecting Potential Research Funding Bias Using a Graph Database
Rohan Salvi and Shambhavi Neha, Portrayal of COVID-19 by the American News Media
Will White, Developing a 300-Level Course on Disinformation
Theme: Data & Metadata
Will Gosner, Building a Catalog for the Chicago Tool Library
Anthony Martinez, Reverse Diversity Audits in the Academic Library: A Small-Scale Case Study of the SSHEL’s School Collection
Theme: User Experience & Privacy
Annika Deutsch and McKinzie Horoho, Scout Your Future Employer: Business Research Lightning Tutorials
David Ruvinskiy, Scaffolding Strategies in Session Notes
Lindsay Taylor, Assessing Chat Reference Using Emoji in Context
Marina Troxel, Privacy Policy and Texas Senate Bill 8