CFG Seminar by Vassilis Markos: Machine Coaching

We will present and discuss Machine Coaching, an interactive human-in-the-loop Machine Learning methodology. We will first discuss at an abstract level the overall learning protocol of Machine Coaching and then focus on various related concepts, such as Argumentation Frameworks, and the corresponding reasoning semantics. Furthermore, we will also present a simple example of Machine Coaching, where we coach a machine to play a simple game (Othello).

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Vassilis Markos is a candidate Ph.D. student of Cognitive Systems and Explainable Artificial Intelligence at the Open University of Cyprus. He graduated from the Dept. of Mathematics of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (2014-2018) and continued his studies at the Open University of Cyprus, where he received an M.Sc. on Cognitive Systems (2018-2021). His research focuses on XAI, Knowledge Representation, and Argumentation Frameworks.

Questions? Contact Lan Li or Liri Fang.

This event is sponsored by Conceptual Foundations Group