CFG Seminar by Santiago Nunez-Corrales: Elements of Quantum Logic

Quantum computing has transformed from a highly theoretical subject to a $30 billion dollar industry within four decades, with fault-tolerant quantum hardware within a 5-10 year horizon. To benefit from quantum advantages, we must be able to match problems with either known or new algorithms, based on the features in both sides. Doing so, however, remains still shrouded in the language of quantum mechanics and thus reasoning about a problem remains unfamiliar to the information and computation community. This creates a significant opportunity to return to conceptual foundations of information processing and to benefit from logic as a language that models and abstracts away unnecessary detail. In this talk, we will review the foundations of quantum computation and logic, its differences with classical (Boolean) logic, and how it may provide a smooth ramp to overcome language difficulties for new communities interested in quantum information and computation.

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This event is sponsored by Conceptual Foundations Group