Responsible DS+AI Speaker Series: Fariba Karimi

Fariba Karimi

Fariba Karimi, assistant professor in the Department of Network and Data Science at Central European University, will present "Minorities in Networks and Algorithms."

Abstract: In this talk, I provide an overview of recent advances in data-driven and theory-informed complex models of social networks and their potential in understanding societal inequalities and marginalization. I focus on inequalities arising from networks and network-based algorithms and how they affect minorities. In particular, I examine how homophily and mixing biases shape large and small social networks, influence perception of minorities, and affect collaboration patterns.

Fariba Karimi has been a team leader in computational social science at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and an assistant professor at the Department of Network and Data Science at Central European University since March 2021. Her research focuses on computational social science, the emergence of biases and inequality in networks and algorithms, and modeling human behavior. Her recent research revolves around the topics of visibility of minorities in social networks, the impact of network structure on ranking and recommender algorithms, and disparities in academia and its impact on under-represented groups. She combines statistical analyses of large datasets of online interactions with computational models, agent-based modeling, and network analysis.

Karimi, F., Oliveira, M., & Strohmaier, M. (2022). Minorities in networks and algorithms. arXiv preprint arXiv:2206.07113.

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