CFG Seminar: Reading discussion led by Halil Kilicoglu

For this semester, the CFG seminar series will take the form of discussing research in parallel to the CIRSS speaker series, with the theme of "Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Computing." We will be discussing (but not limited to) the works and studies of the CIRSS speaker prior to the talk on Friday each week, with a voluntary student/faculty leading each session.

Halil Kilicoglu will lead the reading session on the CIRSS topic "Can research resource identifiers (RRIDs) be used to better understand the scientific literature?" and mainly discuss the following three readings.

  • Bandrowski, A. (2022). A decade of GigaScience: What can be learned from half a million RRIDs in the scientific literature. GigaScience, 11.
  • Bandrowski, A. E., & Martone, M. E. (2016). RRIDs: a simple step toward improving reproducibility through rigor and transparency of experimental methods. Neuron, 90(3), 434-436.
  • Menke, J., Roelandse, M., Ozyurt, B., Martone, M., & Bandrowski, A. (2020). The rigor and transparency index quality metric for assessing biological and medical science methods. Iscience, 23(11), 101698.

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This event is sponsored by Conceptual Foundations Group