A conversation with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

In this Writing from the Intersections event, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Duke University, will discuss his recent work on systemic racism, racialized spaces, and historically white colleges and universities.

Following a presentation from Professor Bonilla-Silva, there will be a moderated discussion about research and writing that centers race, gender and class.

Suggested readings:

Bonilla-Silva, E. (2021), What Makes Systemic Racism Systemic?. Sociol Inq, 91: 513-533.

Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo, and Crystal E. Peoples. “Historically white colleges and universities: the unbearable whiteness of (Most) colleges and universities in America.” American Behavioral Scientist 66.11 (2022): 1490-1504.

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This event is sponsored by Humanities Research Institute, School of Information Sciences