Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Computing Speaker Series: Juan Sequeda

Juan Sequeda

Juan Sequeda, a Principal Scientist and Head of the AI Lab at will present “A Knowledge First World: a knowledge revolution is coming (...or at least there should be one!)”

Juan Sequeda is the Principal Scientist and Head of the AI Lab at He holds a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin. Juan’s research and industry work has been on the intersection of data and AI, with the goal to reliably create knowledge from inscrutable data, specifically designing and building Knowledge Graph for enterprise data and metadata management. Juan is the co-author of the book “Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graph” and the co-host of Catalog and Cocktails, an honest, no-bs, non-salesy data podcast.

The past decade has seen the rise of data science, organizations striving to democratize data, take data driven decisions following the notion that data is the new oil. The computing field has revolutionized data management by developing efficient and scalable computer systems. However, many of the data management problems that are researched today are the same types of problems from 30 years ago. Per Einstein, we are driving ourselves insane: keep doing the same thing over and over and again and expecting different results.  

In this talk, I will argue that we have focused so much on data and have forgotten an essential ingredient: knowledge! We need to go through a socio-technical paradigm shift and into a Knowledge First world, where people, context and relationships come first in order to build a resilient world prepared for AI. 

Relevant Publications:
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