Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Computing Speaker Series: Paul Groth

Paul Groth

Paul Groth, a professor of Algorithmic Data Science at the University of Amsterdam where he leads the Intelligent Data Engineering Lab (INDElab), will present "Knowledge (Graphs) in the Language Model Era."

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Paul Groth is a Professor of Algorithmic Data Science at the University of Amsterdam where he leads the Intelligent Data Engineering Lab (INDElab). He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southampton (2007) and has done research at the University of Southern California, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Elsevier Labs. His research focuses on intelligent systems for dealing with large amounts of diverse contextualized knowledge with a particular focus on web and science applications. This includes research in data provenance, data integration and knowledge sharing.

Large language models provide both an effective mechanism for extracting knowledge as well as a source of knowledge itself. This duality provides new opportunities for thinking about the architectures we use to obtain, curate, and expose knowledge. In this talk, I discuss our recent work on using language models for knowledge graph completion, and construction from text and video. I look discuss future thinking on new architectures can take advantage of the multiple representations of knowledge. 

Relevant Readings:
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Knowledge-centric Prompt Composition for Knowledge Base Construction from Pre-trained Language Models (At the ISWC LM-AKBC workshop)

Do Instruction-tuned Large Language Models Help with Relation Extraction? (At the ISWC LM-AKBC workshop)

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