Inkyung Choi

Teaching Assistant Professor

PhD, Library and Information Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Room 4115, 614 E. Daniel St.

(414) 595-8207

Research focus

Knowledge organization, library classification, classification on the web, user-oriented approach, comparative cultural studies, and intercultural communication.

Honors and Awards

Honorable Mention at ALISE/Jean-Tague Sutecliffe Doctoral Student Research Poster Competition 2018


Choi earned her PhD in library and information science from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her MLIS from Syracuse University. Her research interests stem from her intellectual curiosity about social and cultural pluralistic perspectives, which influence ways of organizing knowledge. At the undergraduate level, Choi has taught courses in information science and technology as well as organization of knowledge. At the graduate level, she has taught a course in organization of information. 

Office hours

By appointment, please contact professor

Publications & Papers

Joo, S., Choi, I., & Choi, N. Topic Analysis of the Research Domain in Knowledge Organization: A Latent Dirichlet Approach. (2018), Knowledge Organization, 45(2), 170-183. 

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