Liliana Giusti Serra

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD, Library Science, State University of Sao Paulo, UNESP, 2019

MA, Library Science, University of Sao Paulo, USP, 2015

Other professional appointments

  • Metadata Librarian at Sophia Library (ILS), system used in Brazil, Latin America, and Spain

Research focus

My research focus is on connecting linked data, and knowledge graphs technology into the Online Public Catalog (OPAC), according to the bibliographic description code RDA (Resource, Description, Access) and the new library concept model, Library Reference Model (LRM).

Honors and Awards

  • Best Paper Award: Business models, libraries, and digital books. 6th International Congress of Digital Books, Brazilian Book Chamber, 2016
  • Best Paper Award: Digital book licensing and the PDA business model. 18th National Academic Libraries Seminar, 2014
  • Libraries of the future and patron focus. Laura Russo Award, Professional Experience, Regional Library Council (SP, Brazil), 2013

Publications & Papers

Serra, LG & Santarem Segundo, JE (2022). Proposta de modelo para gestao de livros digitais por meio da web semantica [Model proposal for digital book management through the Semantic Web]. Transinformacao, vol. 34, e210044. DOI 10.1590/2318-0889202234e210044

Serra, LG & Santarem Segundo, JE (2021). Dos silos de dados à Web dos dados: bibliotecas e o linked data [From data silos to Web of data: libraries and linked data]. Informação & Informação, vol. 26, n. 2. p. 625-645. DOI 10.5433/1981-8920.2021v26n2p625

Serra, LG, Schneider, Jodi & Santarem Segundo, JE (2020). Person identifiers in MARC 21 records in a semantic environment. Cataloguing & Classification Quarterly, vol. 58, n. 5, p. 505-519. DOI:10.1080/01639374.2020.1771499

Serra, LG, Silva, LC & Santarem Segundo, JE (2018). O ORCID como aplicacao de linked data no catalogo de bibliotecas [ORCID as a linked data application in the library catalog]. Informacao & Tecnologia, vol. 4, n. 2, p. 185-205.

Serra, LG & Santarem Segundo, JE (2017). O catálogo da biblioteca e o linked data [The library catalog and linked data]. Em Questao (UFRGS), vol. 23, n. 2, p. 167-185. DOI 10.19132/1808-5245232.167-185

Serra, LG & Santarem Segundo, JE (2017). Modelo de negócios, bibliotecas e livros digitais [Business model, libraries and digital books]. Informacao & Sociedade (UFPB), vol. 27, n. 3, p. 131-143. DOI 10.22478/ufpb.1809-4783.2017v27n3.32307

Serra, LG. (2014). Livro digital e bibliotecas [Digital books and libraries]. Rio de Janeiro: FGV. ISBN 978-8578112912

Serra, LG (2012). Bookplate recognition with biometric techniques. Brazilian Journal of Information Science, vol. 6. N. 1, p. 62-78. DOI 10.36311/1981-1640.2012.v6n1.06.p67


Serra, LG (2022). Metadados e linked data em bibliotecas = Metadata and linked data in libraries. 29th Brazilian Congress of Librarianship and Documentation. 1st Cataloguing Forum

Serra, LG (2021). Nuevas perspectivas de description de recursos bibliograficos con RDA [New perspectives for describing bibliographic resources with RDA]. 4th Colloquium on RDA in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Serra, LG (2021). O RDA visto a 30 mil pes [RDA viewing from 30,000 feet]. 2nd RDA in Brazil Meeting, 2021.

Serra, LG & Andrade, L (2018). Sobre autoridades e identificadores unicos [About authorities and unique identifiers]. 20th National Academic Libraries Seminar.

Serra, LG. Apresentacao de registros relacionados no catalogo com aplicacao dos conceitos do RDA [Presentation of related records in the catalog with the application of the concepts of the RDA]. 1st RDA in Brazil Meeting, 2019.

Serra, LG. A implantacao do RDA na University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [The implementation of the RDA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign]. 1st RDA in Brazil Meeting, 2019.