Wenyi Shang

Wenyi Shang

Doctoral Student

Bachelor of Management, Information Management and Information System, Peking University, China

Research focus

Investigating humanistic problems using a variety of computational methods, including text mining, machine learning, and social network analysis. Interested in applying such methods to subjects ranging from Chinese history to English poetry.

Honors and Awards

  • Excellent Graduate of Beijing, 2019 (5%)
  • Excellent Graduate of Peking University, 2019 (15%)
  • Beijing “Merit Student,” 2017 (1%)
  • Tang Lixin scholarship, 2016-2018 (1%)
  • China National scholarship, 2017 (3%)
  • Fong Prize of East Asian Digital Scholarship of the Harvard-Yenching Library of the Harvard College Library, Harvard University, 2017

Publications & Papers

Shang, W.*, & Che, S. (2019). Group Polarization or Collaboration: A Case Study of the Article “Islamophobia” on Wikipedia. Library Tribune, (9), 71–81. (Chinese)

Shang, W.*, & Yu, Z. (2019). The Stability Mechanism of the Aristocratic Society in the Eastern Jin Dynasty: A Co-Word Analysis of “Shi Shuo Xin Yu”. Library Tribune, (1), 46–57. (Chinese)

Shang, W.*, & Huang, W. (2018). Investigating the Relationships between Scholars and Politicians in Ancient China: Taking Yuanyou Era as an Example. Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities, 3(1), 33–48.

Shang, W.* (2018). A Comparison of the Historical Entries in Wikipedia and Baidu Baike. Transforming Digital Worlds: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference, iConference 2018, 74–80.

Xu, H., & Shang, W.* (2017). A Commentary on the Development of Digital Literacy Cultivation Models in the USA, Europe, Japan and China. Library and Information Service, 61(16), 98–106. (Chinese)

Shang, W.*, & Yang, Z. (2017). Research on the Entries Quality of Online Encyclopedia Based on Knowledge Community Perspective—A Case Study on Historical Entries of Wikipedia and Baidu Baike (Part I). Journal of Information and Management, 1(2), 28–42. (Chinese)


Lavin, M. J., Chang, K., Hu, Y., Shang, W., Sharma, A., Singhal, S., Underwood, T., Witte, J., Wu, P., Sinykin, D., Walsh, M., & Antoniak, M. Cultural Analytics and the Book Review: Models, Methods, and Corpora. Digital Humanities Conference 2020, Ottawa, Canada, July 22–24, 2020.

Shang, W. Rediscussing Ancient Chinese Historical Periodization Based on Digital Methods: A Case Study of Imperial Examinations Records in the Mid-to-Late Tang Dynasty. The Second Digital Humanities International Workshop at Tsinghua (Beijing), Beijing, China, December 14–15, 2019. (Chinese)

Underwood, T., Shang, W. What Can We Do with Book Reviews?. NovelTM Workshop 2019, Banff, Canada, October 17–18, 2019.

Shang, W., Zhang, J., & Huang, W. Modelling Poetic Similarity: A Comparative Study of W. B. Yeats and the English Romantic Poets. Digital Humanities Conference 2019, Utrecht, the Netherlands, July 9–12, 2019.

Shang, W. The Relation between the Tang Dynasty and the Arab Caliphate after the Battle of Talas: A discussion from the Arabic diplomatic missions in the late Tianbao Era (751–755). The 15th Peking University History Forum, Beijing, China, April 12–14, 2019. (Chinese)

Shang, W. Rediscussing the Political Struggle in the Light of Reform in Late 11th Century China under the View of Digital Humanities. Incubation and Best Practices: How Digital Humanities Projects Cater to Academic Needs: The 3rd Peking University Digital Humanities Forum, Beijing, China, June 14–15, 2018. (Chinese)

Shang, W. The Transition of Theology and the Commingling of Civilizations: A Brief Discussion on “the Twelfth Century Renaissance”. The 14th Peking University History Forum, Beijing, China, March 23–25, 2018. (Chinese)

Shang, W. The Disillusionment of the Dream of Scipio: A Brief Discussion on the Patrician Elites’ Attempt to Recover the Roman Republic. The 13th Peking University History Forum, Beijing, China, March 31–April 2, 2017. (Chinese)

Research Areas: