Wenyi Shang

Wenyi Shang

Doctoral Student

Bachelor of Management, Information Management and Information System, Peking University, China

Research focus

Investigating humanistic problems using a variety of computational methods, including text mining, machine learning, and social network analysis. Interested in applying such methods to subjects ranging from Chinese history to English poetry.

Honors and Awards

  • Excellent Graduate of Beijing, 2019 (5%)
  • Excellent Graduate of Peking University, 2019 (15%)
  • Beijing “Merit Student,” 2017 (1%)
  • "Pacemaker to Merit Student" of Peking University, 2017, 2018 (2%)
  • "Merit Student" of Peking University, 2016 (10%)
  • Tang Lixin scholarship, 2016-2018 (1%)
  • China National scholarship, 2017 (3%)
  • Fong Prize of East Asian Digital Scholarship of the Harvard-Yenching Library of the Harvard College Library, Harvard University, 2017
  • Honorable Mentions and Distinguished Paper of the 1st Data & Innovation Competition of Chinese Universities, 2018
  • 2nd Prize in the 26th and 25th PKU Challenge Cup Academic Competition, 2017, 2018

Publications & Papers

Shang, W.*, Che, S. (2019). Group Polarization or Collaboration?: A Case Study on the Wikipedia Entry “Islamophobia”. Library Tribune, 39(09),  71-82. (Chinese)

Shang, W.*, Yu, Z. (2019). The Stability Mechanism of the Aristocratic Society during the Eastern Jin Dynasty: A Co-word Analysis of "A New Account of the Tales of the World". Library Tribune, 39(01), 46-57.(Chinese)

Shang, W. (2018). A Comparison of the Historical Entries in Wikipedia and Baidu Baike. In Transforming Digital Worlds: Proceeding of iConference 2018 (pp. 74-80), March 25-28, 2018, Sheffield, U.K.

Shang, W.*, Huang, W. (2018). Investigating the Relationships between Scholars and Politicians in Ancient China: Taking Yuanyou Era as an Example. Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities (JJADH), 3(1), 33-48.

Xu, H., Shang, W.* (2017). A Commentary on the Development of Digital Literacy of Cultivation Models in the USA, Europe, Japan and China. Library and Information Service, 61(16), 98-106. (Chinese)

Shang, W.*, Yang, Z. (2017). Research on the Entries Quality of Online Encyclopedia Based on Knowledge Community Perspective — A Case Study on Historical Entries of Wikipedia and Baidu Baike (Part I). Journal of Information and Management, 1(2), 28-42. (Chinese)


Shang, W. (2019). The Relation between the Tang Dynasty and the Arab Caliphate after the Battle of Talas: A discussion from the Arabic diplomatic missions in late Tianbao Era (751-755). In The 15th Peking University History Forum, April 12-14, 2019, Beijing, China. (Chinese)

Shang, W. (2018). The Transition of Theology and the Commingling of Civilizations: A Brief Discussion on “the Twelfth Century Renaissance”. In The 14th Peking University History Forum, March 23-25, 2018, Beijing, China. (Chinese)

Shang, W. (2017).The Disillusionment of the Dream of Scipio: A Brief Discussion on the Patrician Elites’ Attempt to Recover the Roman Republic. In The 13th Peking University History Forum, March 31-April 2, 2017, Beijing, China. (Chinese)

Shang, W.*, Zhang, J., Huang, W.  Modelling Poetic Similarity: A Comparative Study of W. B. Yeats and the  English  Romantic Poets. Digital Humanities Conference Conference 2019, July 9-12, 2019, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Shang, W.  Rediscussing the Political Struggle in the Light of Reform in Late 11th Century China under the View of Digital Humanities. Incubation and Best Practices: How Digital Humanities Projects Cater to Academic Needs: The 3rd Peking University Digital Humanities Forum. June 15, 2018, Peking University, China. (Chinese)

Research Areas: