Yuerong Hu

Yuerong Hu

Doctoral Student

Bachelor's degrees in Management (major: library science) and Economics, Wuhan University, 2017

Research focus

My research interests include digital humanities and digital libraries. I want to apply digital tools and computational methods to the study of texts and innovate the way we interpret literature. I am also very interested in library and information sciences education.

Publications & Papers

Lihong, Zhou., Yuerong, Hu.& Jie, Xu. "Understanding the lack of student engagement in Chinese library science undergraduate education." Information Development (2017).

Yuerong, Hu., et al. "A Review of Visual Distant Reading in Digital Humanities." Library Tribune (2017).

Yingying, Han. & Yuerong, Hu.(November 2016). "A Comparative Analysis of the Library Science Undergraduate Programs in China and Japan." Paper presented at Asia-Pacific Library & Information Education and Practice (A-LIEP) Conference, Nanjing, China.