Ziyi Kou

Ziyi Kou

Doctoral Student

PhD, Information Sciences, Illinois (in progress)

MS, Computer Science, University of Rochester

BS, Software Engineering, Chongqing University

Research focus

Social sensing, computer vision, and crowd-AI.

Honors and Awards

  • INFOCOM 2021 Student Conference Grant
  • Academic Tuition Scholarship, University of Rochester


Publications & Papers

Kou, Ziyi, Yang Zhang, Lanyu Shang, and Dong Wang. "FairCrowd: Fair Human Face Dataset Sampling via Batch-Level Crowdsourcing Bias Inference." In 2021 IEEE/ACM 29th International Symposium on Quality of Service (IWQOS), pp. 1-10. IEEE, 2021.

Zhang, Daniel Yue, Ziyi Kou, and Dong Wang. "FedSens: A Federated Learning Approach for Smart Health Sensing with Class Imbalance in Resource Constrained Edge Computing." In IEEE INFOCOM 2021-IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, pp. 1-10. IEEE, 2021.

Kou, Ziyi, Daniel Yue Zhang, Lanyu Shang, and Dong Wang. "ExFaux: A Weakly Supervised Approach to Explainable Fauxtography Detection." In 2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), pp. 631-636. IEEE, 2020.

Kou, Ziyi, Guofeng Cui, Shaojie Wang, Wentian Zhao, and Chenliang Xu. "Improve CAM with Auto-adapted Segmentation and Co-supervised Augmentation." In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, pp. 3598-3606. 2021.