A Metacognitive Calibration Intervention Powered by Fair and Private Machine Learning

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  • Dong Wang
  • Nigel Bosch

Students in college are often expected to do a considerable amount of studying and learning outside of class hours, especially in online courses, which requires a high degree of self-regulation and metacognitive knowledge to study effectively. However, there are few opportunities for specifically learning self-regulation and metacognitive skills, especially early on in courses while there is still time to improve studying skills in advance of major assessments (like finals). We hope that AI methods will allow us to teach students some of these skills (especially metacognitive calibration) early on by leveraging the predictive power of machine learning to anticipate students’ trajectories in a course. Then, we will teach students to recognize their trajectory while there is still time to improve it. Read more.

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Funding Agencies

  • National Science Foundation, 2022 – $850,000.00