NCSA Faculty Fellowship: Predictive Modeling for Impact Assessment

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  • Jana Diesner

Assistant Professor Jana Diesner a received an Faculty Fellowship and seed funding for her project, “Predictive Modeling for Impact Assessment,” from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Diesner collaborates closely with NCSA scientists on the project, which builds on her work developing computational solutions to assess the impact of issue-focused information projects such as social justice documentaries and books. Her research team leverages big social data for this purpose and combines techniques from machine learning and natural language processing to identify a fine-grained set of impact factors from textual data sources such as news articles, reviews, and social media. This project aims to locate and categorize evidence for behavioral, cognitive, attitudinal, and emotional change from a variety of data sources.

Funding Agencies

  • National Center for Supercomputing Applications, 2015 – $24,323.00