Data Science and Analytics

Data is ubiquitous. Global industry depends on professionals who can manage, clean, and interpret data to make decisions, assess services, and ultimately operate an improved organization. MSIM students are prepared to be instrumental contributors to organizational success through strong theoretical and technical understanding of data in society and within organizations.
Sample Job Titles: Digital Technology Analyst, Data Analyst, Technology Development, Risk Analyst, Data Scientist

Sample Courses:
IS 445 Data Visualization
IS 455 Database Design and Prototyping
IS 457 Data Science Storytelling
IS 527 Network Analysis
IS 537 Theory and Practice of Data Cleaning
IS 547 Foundations of Data Curation
IS 567 Text Mining
IS 577 Data Mining
IS 594 Business Analytics
IS 597 Programming for Analytics and Data Processing

Knowledge Management and Information Consulting

The modern globalized workplace relies on fast, accurate information. Knowledge managers collect, organize, and interpret data on which major strategic decisions are based. Businesses and other organizations also rely on systems to store valuable information that are used by employees to make integral contributions. In order to provide this information support and system management, MS students learn to analyze and represent information and how to customize and efficiently utilize systems that manage critical organizational information.
Sample Job Titles: Business Intelligence Analyst I; Competitive Intelligence Analyst; Competitive Analysis Supervisor; Lead of Global Knowledge Services; Change Management Coordinator; Strategic Market Intelligence Analyst; Director of Research and Competitive Intelligence; Technology Advisory Consultant

Sample Courses:
IS 514 Applied Business Research
IS 525 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
IS 534 Information Consulting
IS 538 Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management
IS 561 Use and Users of Information
IS 575 Metadata in Theory and Practice
IS 594 Business Analytics