Completed Dissertations

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Hoang, Linh
"Natural Language Processing to Support Evidence Quality Assessment of Biomedical Literature"

Morales, Myrna
"Towards a theory of trust in libraries and democracy"


Cheng, Jessica
Agreeing to Disagree: Applying a Logic-based Approach to Reconciling and Merging Multiple Taxonomies

Dinh, Ly
Advances to network analysis theories and methods with applications in social, organizational, and crisis settings

Kacunguzi, Dianah Twinoburyo
Knowledge Preservation Practices of Herbalists in Uganda: An Ethnographic Study

Lee, Lo
Understanding Information Activities of Hobbyists in the Making of Arts and Crafts Across Space


Barbosa, Natã Miccael
Exploring Algorithmic Realism in the Data Economy

Hao, Yun
Towards a Better Understanding of Music Playlist Titles and Descriptions

Nance, Kinyetta Lashawn
African Americans and mobile video: exploring Black cultural practice on Vine

Phelps, Kirstin Clare
Collective Leadership for Community Action: A Case-Based Inquiry into Supporting Digital Literacy Initiatives

Rezapour, Shadi
From User-Generated Text to Insight; Context-Aware Measurement of Social Impacts and Interactions Using Natural Language Processing

Roberto, Keller Raffaele
Description is a Drag (and Vice Versa): Classifying Trans Identities

Samuel, Noah Oluwafemi
Characteristics of Business Incubators Influencing Collaboration Among Member Startup Firms

Williams, DeAnza
#BlackBoyYALit: Seeing Black Boys in 21st Century Young Adult Literature


Lee, Joo Ho
Using Grant Applications to Measure the Evolution of Collaborative and Non-collaborative Research

Mishra, Shubhanshu
Information Extraction from Digital Social trace Data with Applications to Social Media and Scholarly Communication Data

Strickland Bloch, Beth
The Values and Ethics of Biomedical Engineering Practices in the Design of Novel Biotechnologies

Takazawa, Aiko
Tutteli to Japan: a Case Study of Spontaneous Collaboration in Disaster Response

Willis, Craig
Trust, But Verify: An Investigation of Methods of Verification and Dissemination of Computational Research Artifacts for Transparency and Reproducibility 


Cunningham, Paige Danielle
Exploring Communication Patterns in Massive Open Online Courses

Gabb, Henry A, III
An Informatics Approach to Prioritizing Risk Assessment for Chemicals and Chemical Combinations Based on Near-Field Exposure from Consumer Products

Jett, Jacob Guy
Towards a General Conceptual Model for Bibliographic Aggregates: Four Case Studies from Our Bibliographic Standards

Jones, Jimi
So Many Standards, So Little Time: A History and Analysis of Four Digital Video Standards

Kehoe, Adam Kyle
Predicting Controlled Vocabulary Based on Text and Citations: Case Studies in Medical Subject Headings in MEDLINE and Patents

Lawrence, E.E.
Reading for Democratic Citizenship: A New Model for Readers' Advisory

Martaus, Alaine
Modeling Participatory Literacy (In Your Pants): An Analysis of Print and New Media Convergence in the Vlogbrothers' YouTube Videos

Sherman, Garrick T.
Document Expansion and Language Model Re-Estimation for Information Retrieval


Choi, Kahyun
Computational Lyricology: Quantitative Approaches to Understanding Song Lyrics and Their Interpretations

Witt, Steven W
Making Internationalism Conscious: Libraries and the Transnational Propagation of the International Mind (1911-1951)


Ahmed, Shameem
mHeath Literacy: Characterizing People's Ability to Use Smartphone-based Health-related Applications

Austin, Jeanie Lynn
Libraries for Social Change: Centering Youth of Color and/or LGBTQ Youth in Library Practice

Baker, Karen

Data Work Configurations in the Field-Based Natural Sciences:Mesoscale Infrastructures, Project Collectives, and Data Gateways

D'Arpa, Christine
"Procure, Propagate, and Distribute Among the People": The Information Service Functions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1862-1888

Fenlon, Katrina S.
Thematic Research Collections: Libraries and the Evolution of Alternative Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities

Kim, Jinseok
The Impact of Author Name Disambiguation on Knowledge Discovery from Large-Scale Scholarly Data

Lucic, Ana
Summarization of Biomedical Texts by Utilizing the Information Extracted from Comparative Sentences

Lugya, Fredrick
Next generation catalogues: an analysis of user search strategies and behavior

Serbanuta, Claudia
Voices from the Other Side of the Wall: The Case of Romanian Libraries of the 1970s and the 1980s

Smith, Mikki (Dawn)
Print Networks and Youth Information Culture: Young People, Amateur Publishing, and Children's Periodicals, 1867-1890

Thomer, Andrea
Site-based data curation: bridging data collection protocols and curatorial processes at scientifically significant sites

Thompson, Cheryl A.
Data Expertise and Service Development in Geoscience Data Centers and Academic Libraries

Velez, LaTesha
James E. Shepard and North Carolina Central University, the Man and the Message: a Context-Sensitive, Discourse Analysis of "God Bless Old North Carolina"


Bettivia, Rhiannon
Encoding Power: The Scripting of Archival Structures in Digital Spaces using the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model

Duffy, Damian
Educational Hypercomics: Learners, Institutions, and Comics in E-Learning Interface Design

Leetaru, Kalev Hannes
Can We Forecast Conflict? Forecasting Global Human Behavior at the Macro-Societal Level Using Surface-Level Emotional and Thematic Indicators For Remote Media-Based Population Assessment

Lenstra, Noah
The Community Informatics of an Aging Society: A Comparative Case Study of Public Libraries and Senior Centers

Smith, Brittany Noell
Motivation and Skill Acquisition in an Online Amateur Multimedia Community: A Case Study

Villa-Nicholas, Melissa
Latinas in Telecommunications: Intersectional Experiences in the Bell System


Bloch, Naomi
Deliberating Environmental Policy: Information Seeking and Use in Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committees

Chao, Tiffany
Methods Metadata: Curating Scientific Research Data for Reuse

Ginger, Jeffrey
Capturing The Context of Digital Literacy: A Case Study of Illinois Public Libraries in Underserved Communities

Luo, Yang
The Genesis of Youth Services in Public Libraries in China, 1912-1937

Nappo, Caroline Marie
Libraries and the System of Information Provision in the 1930s United States: The Transformation of Technology, Access, and Policy

Organisciak, Piotr (Peter)
Design Problems in Crowdsourcing: Improving the Quality of Crowd-based Data Collection

Sacchi, Simone
What Do We Mean by “Preserving Information”? Towards Sound Conceptual Foundations for Digital Stewardship

Weber, Nicholas
A Framework for Analyzing the Sustainability of Peer Produced Science Commons

Yeo, ShinJoung
Behind the Search Box: The Political Economy of a Global Internet Industry


Dousa, Thomas M.
Julius Otto Kaiser and His Method of Systematic Indexing: An Early Indexing System in its Historical Context

Rhinesmith, Colin
The Social Shaping of Cloud Computing: An Ethnography of Infrastructure in East St. Louis, Illinois

Roberts, Sarah T.  
Behind the Screen: The Hidden Digital Labor of Commercial Content Moderation


Sweeney, Miriam E.
Not Just a Pretty (Inter) Face: A Critical Analysis of Microsoft’s ‘Ms. Dewey’


Comstock, Sharon L.
A Case Study of Legitimate Literacies: Teens’ “Small World” and the School Library

Gaffney, Loretta Mary
Intellectual Freedom and the Politics of Reading: Libraries as Sites of Conservative Activism, 1990-2010

Huggins, Sujin
“How Did We Get Here?” An Examination of the Collection of Contemporary Caribbean Juvenile Literature in the Children’s Library of the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago and Trinidadian Children’s Responses to Selected Titles

Khanal, Navadeep
The Lens of Postcolonial Theory in LIS Research and Practice

Lim, Yeo Joo
Seriously, What Are They Reading? An Analysis of Korean Children’s Reading Behavior Regarding Educational Graphic Novels

Noble, Safiya Umoja
Searching for Black Girls: Old Traditions in New Media

Urban, Richard J.
Principle Paradigm Revisiting the Dublin Core 1:1 Principle

Wickett, Karen Michelle
Collection/Item Metadata Relationships


Chee, Brant Wah Kwong
Exploring Machine Learning Techniques Using Patient Interactions in Online Health Forums to Classify Drug Safety

Chen, Minjie
"Friends and Foes on the Battlefield": A Study of Chinese and U.S. Youth Literature about the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1943)

Choi, Yunseon
Usefulness of Social Tagging in Organizing and Providing Access to the Web: An Analysis of Indexing Consistency and Quality

Ruan, Lian J.
Information-Seeking and Sharing Behaviors Among Fire Service Field Staff Instructors: A Qualitative Study

Rubenstein, Ellen L.
"It's a Microcosm of Life": Weaving a Web of Information and Support in an Online Breast Cancer Community

Spelke, Kenneth A.
Factors Affecting Selection of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education Institutions

Wei, Qin
Information Fusion in Taxonomic Descriptions

Wright, Daniel T.
Information and the Evolution of Codon Bias

Xiang, Xin
A Network Approach to Topic Summary and Knowledge Discovery in Social Tagging

Zhang, Hong
Personal Information Organization and Re-Access in Computer Folders: An Empirical Study of Information Workers


Gross, Benjamin M.
Online Identifiers in Everyday Life

Hardy, Christa Valencia
Piecing a Quilt: Jessie Carney Smith and the Making of African American Women's History

Healey, Paul
Uncertainty Management in Reference Interactions with Pro Se Law Library Users

Hu, Xiao
Improving Music Mood Classification Using Lyrics, Audio and Social Tags

Jones, M. Cameron
Remix and Reuse of Source Code in Software Production

Nielsen, Anna L.
Invisible Scarlet O'Neil and the Whitman Authorized Editions for Girls: Homefront Representations of the American Feminine and the Feminine Heroic during World War II

Zavalina, Oksana Lvivna
Collection-Level Subject Access in Aggregations of Digital Collections: Metadata Application & Use


Choi, Heekyung
A Qualitative Study of Student Perspectives and Experiences in an Information Technology Education

Cragin, Melissa H.
Scientific Data Collections: Use in Scholarly Communication and Implications for Data Curation

Gretencord, Timnah Card
From Outreach to Engagement: An Actor-Network-Theory Analysis of Attracting Spanish-Speaking Participants to Public Programming

Gruzd, Anatoliy Anatoliyovych
Automated Discovery of Social Networks in Online Learning Communities

Jackson, Larry S.
Website Structure

Kyrillidou, Martha
Item Sampling in Service Quality Assessment Surveys to Improve Response Rates and Reduce Respondent Burden: The “LibQUAL+® Lite” Randomized Control Trial (RCT)

Linton, Norma J.
Connecting: The Use of Information and Communication Technologies by Older Adults in a Retirement Community

Park, Sarah Y.
Representations of Transracial Korean Adoption in Children's Literature

Rebaza, Claudia M.
The Modern Coterie: Fan Fiction Writers as a Community of Practice