Center for Writing Studies Brownbag: Carol Tilley

CWS Brownbag event_Carol Tilley Feb 2024

Attend the first CWS Brownbag event of the semester. Associate Professor Carol Tilley will be discussing her research on young people’s comics reading in the mid-20th century US, "Finding Kids in (Sometimes) Unexpected Places: Children, Comics, and Archives." 

Abstract: Young people’s voices in the historical record are difficult to locate because children’s experiences were often deemed inconsequential. When their voices do appear, they are often mediated by adults, such as physicians, teachers, parents, and others with their own particular viewpoints and agendas. But that doesn’t mean children are wholly absent from or invisible in archives.  

In this talk, I’ll share a trajectory of my archival and related primary source research related to young people’s comics reading in the mid-20th century US. In doing so, I’ll relate some of the unexpected places where I have encountered children’s experiences, stories, and creations in more authentic or, at least, less-mediated forms. Additionally, I’ll share some tips for reading sideways in archives to locate similar resources and contextualizing what one finds there. More importantly, I will provide space for some of these young people in history to share bits of their lives with us.

Register here to attend online. Questions? Contact Dan Zhang 

This event is sponsored by Center for Writing Studies