GSLIS to make strong showing at JCDL

GSLIS will make a strong showing at the upcoming ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL), an event that brings together international scholars focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, organizational, and social issues. The conference will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 22-26, 2013.

J. Stephen Downie, GSLIS professor and associate dean for research, is the general conference co-chair along with Robert H. McDonald, associate dean for library technologies and deputy director of the Data to Insight Center at Indiana University. This year’s theme is “Digital Libraries at the Crossroads,” with panels, posters, and workshops focusing on changes in the information field in light of digitization, big data, and the ever-changing nature of scholarly communications.

GSLIS faculty and staff are serving on various committees that will oversee the content of the conference. Associate Professor Jerome McDonough is a poster and demonstration co-chair; Assistant Professor Miles Efron is a workshop co-chair; GSLIS-affiliated Professor Tim Cole is the program committee co-chair; and Megan Senseney, GSLIS project coordinator for research, is the local organizing co-chair.

A number of GSLIS faculty, staff, and students will participate in the conference by presenting papers and posters and leading workshops and tutorials.


Doctoral student Peter Organisciak will present, “Addressing Diverse Corpora with Cluster-based Term Weighting,” demonstrating how diverse corpora can frustrate term weighting and proposing a modification that weighs documents according to their class or cluster within the collection.

Doctoral student Katrina Fenlon and research analyst Virgil Varvel will present “Local Histories in Global Digital Libraries: Identifying Demand and Evaluating Coverage,” sharing survey results that appear relevant to local history and collection evaluation and considering the implications for scalable evaluation of local history coverage in massive, aggregative digital libraries.

Doctoral student Brittany N. Smith and Assistant Professor Vetle Torvik are among those presenting, “A Search Engine Approach to Estimating Temporal Changes in Gender Orientation of First Names,” providing an approach for predicting the gender orientation of any given first name over time based on a set of search engine queries comprised of the name prefixed by masculine and feminine oriented markers.


Doctoral student Jacob Jett, Megan Senseney, and Carole Palmer, professor and director of the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS), will present the poster, “Flickr Feedback Framework: A Service Model for Leveraging User Interactions.”

J. Stephen Downie will present the poster, “HathiTrust Research Center: Computational Access for Digital Humanities and Beyond,” along with several others, including conference co-chair Robert H. McDonald; Professor Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, associate dean and associate university librarian for information technology policy and planning at the University of Illinois; and John Unsworth, former GSLIS dean and current vice provost and chief information officer at Brandeis University.

Workshops and Tutorials

Postdoctoral fellow Karen Wickett and Katrina Fenlon are among those leading the tutorial, “The Europeana Data Model (EDM) and Collections,” providing a technical introduction to EDM and exploring the role of collections in adding value to digital libraries.

Tim Cole and Jacob Jett are among those leading the tutorial, “Using Open Annotation (OA),” introducing the essential components of the OA data model, its application to various annotation use cases, and helpful resources for implementation.

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