Kilicoglu and Hoang present their bioinformatics research at AMIA

Halil Kilicoglu
Halil Kilicoglu, Associate Professor
Linh Hoang
Linh Hoang

Associate Professor Halil Kilicoglu and PhD student Linh Hoang will present their research at the AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) Annual Symposium, which will be held virtually from November 14-18. The symposium showcases the latest innovations from the community of biomedical informatics researchers and practitioners.

In their poster, "Identifying Sample Size Characteristics in Randomized Controlled Trial Publications," Kilicoglu and Hoang discuss how they use text mining and machine learning on clinical trial publications to automatically identify study characteristics that have a major effect on the reliability of their findings.

"We focus on sample size and power calculation, which determine the validity of the statistical model and robustness of the experimental results," said Kilicoglu. "Since clinical trials are considered the most robust kind of evidence in medicine, their methodological quality has significant impact for human health."

Kilicoglu's research interests include biomedical informatics, natural language processing, computational semantics, literature-based knowledge discovery, scholarly communication, science of science, and scientific reproducibility. Prior to joining the iSchool faculty, he worked as a staff scientist at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, where he led the Semantic Knowledge Representation project. Kilicoglu holds a PhD in computer science from Concordia University.

Hoang's research interests include information management, knowledge discovery, and data analytics. She holds a master's in information systems from the University of Surrey in England and a bachelor's in information technology from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam.