Parulian defends dissertation

Nikolaus Parulian
Nikolaus Parulian

Doctoral candidate Nikolaus Parulian successfully defended his dissertation, "A Conceptual Model for Transparent, Reusable, and Collaborative Data Cleaning," on June 29.

His committee included Professor Bertram Ludäscher (chair), Professor J. Stephen Downie, Associate Professor Jana Diesner, and Assistant Professor Nigel Bosch.

Abstract: Data cleaning is an essential component of data preparation in machine learning and other data science workflows. It is a time-consuming and error-prone task that can greatly affect the reliability of subsequent analyses. Tools must capture provenance information to ensure transparent and auditable data-cleaning processes. However, existing provenance models have limitations in tracing and querying changes at different levels of granularity. To address this, we proposed a new conceptual model that captures fine-grained retrospective provenance and extends it with prospective provenance to represent operations or workflows that change the datasets. This hybrid model allows powerful queries and supports advanced use cases like auditing data cleaning workflows. Additionally, we extended the model to present a conceptual model focusing on reusability and collaboration in data cleaning. It addresses scenarios where multiple users contribute to dataset changes and enables tracking of curator actions, identifying dependencies between cleaning operations, and facilitating collaboration. Through an experimental case study, we demonstrated the reusability of data-cleaning workflows, different users' contributions, and collaboration's effectiveness in improving data quality.

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