Library Trends "Cultural Heritage and Digital Scholarship in China: Part II" now available

The School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is pleased to announce the publication of Library Trends 71 (4), edited by Lian J. Ruan and Shengping Xia. “Cultural Heritage and Digital Scholarship in China: Part II,” explores the rich, diverse, and long history of China’s cultural heritage and the innovative digital scholarship that is currently being utilized to study it.

This issue, the second of two parts, addresses international collaboration, technology, and diversity. The table of contents includes an introduction by Ruan and Xia and the following articles:

  • “The Construction and Open Sharing of Ancient Books Resources in the National Library of China,” by Wenyou Zhao and Yishuang Chen
  • “Digital Reconstruction and Interpretation of Great Sites: Case of Severely Damaged Yingtianmen in Luoyang,” by Lie Zhang, Jinliang Xiao, and Husheng Pan
  • “Research on Digital Resources of Kizil Grottoes Art and MOOC Teaching,” by Ronghua Yao
  • “Research on the Quality Control Method of Cultural Heritage Digital Information Service: A Case Study of the Digital Cultural Relics Library Platform of the Palace Museum in Beijing,” by Liyu Fang, Jing Sun, and Yuxian Liu
  • “Exploration of the Construction and Digitization of the Yellow River Governance Landscape Special Collection,” by Zhigang Wang and Xing Zhao
  • “Knowledge Organization Initiative for Digital Resources of Ancient Chinese Stele Inscriptions,” by Jia Liu, Junyi Bian, Fangyi Song, Shengnan Shen, and Xiaoting Lai
  • “Digital Storytelling: A New Opportunity for the Archival Documentary Heritage of Suzhou Silk,” by Li Niu, Jingyi Zeng, Fang Wu, and Kexin Wang

Library Trends is an essential tool for professional librarians and educators alike. Each issue explores critical trends in professional librarianship and includes practical applications, thorough analyses, and literature reviews. The journal is published quarterly for the School of Information Sciences by the Johns Hopkins University Press. Back issues (1952 through two years prior to the current issue) are available online through IDEALS, the digital repository for scholarly works produced at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Subscriptions to current issues are available both online and in print. Please send ideas, inquiries, or issue proposals via email to Melissa Wong, editor-in-chief, at

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