Collaborative Research: DAT: From grant to commercialization : an integrated database which can trace, assess, and measure the impact of scientific funding

Total Funding to Date



  • Vetle Torvik

This project develops a freely available database that links Medline papers and U.S. patents, through identification of individuals who authored both papers and patents and analysis of citations between papers and patents. These patent-paper-author links will then enable identification of similar organizations and in some cases, science/technology field and geography. Co-authorship networks for scientists are also prepared, annotated and made available on the Dataverse Network System (DVN), analogously to what has been done for inventors in the patent record (NSF proposal 0830287). This integrated database enables researchers to investigate how 1) grants enable papers, 2) papers influence patenting, and 3) scientific knowledge ultimately diffuses and influences the entire patent record. All data is made available and linked to tools at the Harvard-MIT Data Center.


Funding Agencies

  • National Science Foundation, 2010 – $445,165.00
  • Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 2012 – $10,000.00