DataONE (Observation Network for Earth)

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  • Bertram Ludäscher

Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE) is a collaborative, global project that is laying the groundwork for a new, innovative approach to conducting environmental science research. DataONE is a distributed framework and sustainable infrastructue poised to resolve many of the key challenges that hinder the realization of more global, open, and reproducible science, through four interrelated cyberinfrastructure (CI) activities:

  • significantly expanding the volume and diversity of data available to researchers for large-scale scientific innovation and discovery;
  • incorporating innovative and high-value science-enabling features into the DataONE CI;
  • maintaining and improving core software and services; and
  • increasing the integration of loosely coupled nodes in the system while maintaining cybersecurity and trust.

GLSIS Professor Bertram Ludäscher is a member of the DataONE Leadership Team and a co-lead of the DataONE Working Group on Provenance in Scientific Workflows.


Funding Agencies

  • National Science Foundation, 2014 – $416,623.00