IS 423 Early Literacy

Librarians fill a key role in the literacy development of young children with opportunities for interaction both in the library and through outreach programs. Key skills center on developing literacy-rich library environments, classroom instructional support, intentional embedding of essentials skills and practices within daily activities and lessons, resources about early literacy strategies to share with families and caregivers. Practitioners will understand the importance of integration of technology to meet the diverse developmental, cultural, social and linguistic needs of children to ensure they are able to create meaning from text.

Scheduled Offerings

  • Fall 2020

    • IS423AOG - Early Literacy
      Mon, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
      Graduate student questions may be sent to
      Ann Ohms
      8 weeks
      Credit hours
      2 - 4

Textbooks and Course Materials

Available from the Illinois Union Bookstore (IUB).