IS 503 History of Children's Literature

Interpretation of children's literature from the earliest times, including the impact of changing social and cultural patterns on books for children; attention to early printers and publishers of children's books and to magazines for children.

Learning objectives

  • Recognize how contemporary popular literature borrows from a long tradition of authors, genres, styles, topics, and narratives; describe these traditions using appropriate terminology.
  • Draw upon the history of race, gender, unequal access, and economic inequality to inform your participation in contemporary debates about what children read and what public libraries should make available to the public; recognize how this history determines what kinds of stories are published and consumed.
  • Recognize the historical context for disputes about controversial literature and book challenges; Use the history of readers advisory and canon formation to inform one’s own practices.
  • Anticipate the needs of academic educators and researchers in such fields as education, children’s literature, history, library science, and childhood studies, who use children’s literature special collections; support or coauthor their research projects.