The BSIS program includes seven required courses as well as a variety of electives among different pathways to customize your degree.

A total of 123 hours of course credits are required:

  • 21 hours of required courses
  • 30 hours of iSchool electives
    Includes a variety of topics across pathways
  • general education requirements
  • electives within or outside the school, including minor(s) and/or certificate(s)

Required courses

  • IS 100 Introduction to the iSchool


  • IS 101 Introduction to Information Sciences
  • IS 202 Social Aspects of Information Technology
  • IS 203 Analytical Foundations for Information Problems
  • IS 204 Research Design for Information Sciences

Information technology implementation

  • IS 205 Programming for Information Problems (or another programming course)
  • IS 206 Introduction to Database Concepts & Applications

Information sciences and culture (select one)

  • IS 308 Race, Gender and Information Technology
  • IS 309 Computers and Culture
  • IS 310 Computing in the Humanities
  • IS 311 Historical Foundations of the Information Society

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