Connect with a Student

young woman uses a smartphone

iSchool student ambassadors are eager to answer questions about their experiences in our School and at the University of Illinois.

Here are a few sample questions that our ambassadors have answered recently:

  • What kinds of clubs would you recommend?
  • Can I do a major in IS and a minor in something else?
  • What resources are available for career fairs?
  • How many classes are technical or involve coding?

Follow these steps to start a conversation with an iSchool ambassador:

  • Select an ambassador.
  • Select "Create Your Account."
  • Complete your short profile.
  • Adjust your communication preferences under "Settings."

Ambassadors answer questions as soon as they can, depending on their schedule. If your question is submitted outside of business hours, a response may wait until the next business day.

While iSchool ambassadors can answer general questions about the admission process, specific questions about your application should be directed to