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  • Austin, Jeanie (Class of 2017) 29 days 3 hours ago

    Jeanie Austin (PhD '17) has authored a book about library services to people who are incarcerated. The book, with the working title "Library Services and Incarceration: Recognizing Barriers, Strengthening Access," will be published by ALA in 2021.

  • Beese, Tegan (Class of 2018) 4 months 6 days ago

    Tegan Beese (MS '18) has been selected for a 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).

  • Bells, Vanna (Class of 2010) 23 days 3 hours ago

    Vanna Bells (MS '10) graduated from the 2020 Carson City Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute and celebrated her one-year anniversary as creative learning librarian at the Carson City Library.

  • Benson, Sara (Class of 2017) 4 months 12 days ago

    Sara Benson (MS '17), copyright librarian and assistant professor at the University of Illinois Library, has been selected to participate in the 2020 American Library Association (ALA) Policy Corps.

  • Bolton , Darnetta (Class of 2019) 2 months 20 days ago

    Darnetta Bolton (MS '19), youth services reference librarian at the Orland Park (IL) Public Library, is the recipient of the Illinois Library Association's 2020 Robert P. Doyle Conference Grant for Support Staff, which is presented by the ILA Reaching Forward Forum. 

  • Caragher, Kristyn (Class of 2014) 2 months 20 days ago

    Kristyn Caragher (MS '14, CAS '16) is serving on the new Building Cultural Proficiencies for Racial Equity Framework Task Force. The task force is a joint initiative of the Association of College and Research Libraries; Association of Research Libraries; American Library Association's Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services; and Public Library Association.

  • Carpino, Lindsey Ann (Class of 2014) 2 months 24 days ago

    Lindsey Ann Carpino (MS '14) has received an Emerging Leader Award from the American Association of Law Libraries.

  • Chapman, Rachel (Class of 2018) 5 months 5 days ago

    Rachel Chapman (MS '18) is a school librarian for the New York City Dept of Education and will be presenting at the Urban Librarian Conference in Brooklyn, New York, in June.

  • Conrad, Suzanna (Class of 2011) 1 month 20 days ago

    Suzanna Conrad (MS '11) has been named Dean of Libraries at Towson University. She begins her position August 1.

  • Correa, Dale (Class of 2019) 2 months 15 days ago

    The Rare Book School has selected Dale Correa (MS '19) to be part of an inaugural cohort of fifteen Andrew W. Mellon Fellows for Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Heritage. Fellows will participate in a three-year program that includes an orientation, Rare Book School coursework, community symposia, and other activities relating to multicultural collections and trainings.

  • Hansen, Tammy (Class of 2017) 4 months 26 days ago

    Tammy Hansen (MS '17) started her new job as a library specialist at the Illinois State Library.

  • Hicks, Elaine (Class of 2010) 3 months 6 days ago

    Elaine Hicks (MS '10), research, education, and public health librarian at Tulane University, created the Librarian Reserve Corps (LRS), a global librarian crowdsourcing approach that is currently being used to gather COVID-19 scientific information for the World Health Organization.

  • Jakka, Pujeethaa (Class of 2019) 3 months 26 days ago

    Pujeethaa Jakka (MS '19) is a data scientist at Pattern Computer Inc. working on high-dimensional data visualization.

  • Jihan, Itzel (Class of 2019) 5 months 30 days ago

    Itzel Jihan (MS '19) started their position as a metadata curator at CAT Digital in Peoria, Illinois.

  • Kritikos, Katie Chamberlain (Class of 2010) 2 months 20 days ago

    Katie Chamberlain Kritikos (MS '10) recently relocated to Burlington, Vermont, and took the Vermont bar exam. She was admitted to practice and sworn in via video conference in May 2020.

  • Lajoie, Stephen (Class of 2019) 5 months 15 days ago

    Stephen Lajoie (MS '19) writes that it has been "unbelievably gratifying" to use all he has learned, from both his courses as well as his assistantship position at the Undergraduate Library, in his first post-graduate position as a technology librarian at Sawyer Free Library in Gloucester, Massachusetts. "I truly would not be where I am without the amazing opportunities the iSchool gave me. The skills, knowledge, and personal growth I gained during my time at the iSchool continue to open doors for me that I never imagined."

  • Lynch, Joshua (Class of 2018) 4 months 9 days ago

    Joshua Lynch (MS '18), metadata services specialist for the Illinois Digital Heritage Hub, passed away on April 1, 2020.

  • Manci, Catherine (Class of 2016) 4 months 3 hours ago

    Catherine Manci (MS '16) is the public programming and community engagement specialist for the Georgia Institute of Technology Library.

  • Meisch-Lacombe, Sarah (Class of 2018) 4 months 15 days ago

    Sarah Meisch-Lacombe (MS '18) started working as the instruction librarian and liaison for social sciences at the University of Texas at Tyler.

  • Miller, Mark (Class of 2016) 5 months 2 days ago

    Mark Miller (MS '16) has authored a new book, The Librarian at the End of the World.

  • Mody, Nisha (Class of 2017) 2 months 15 days ago

    Nisha Mody (MS '17) has been named interim associate director of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Southwest Region.

  • Moreno, Teresa (Class of 2019) 2 months 20 days ago

    Teresa Moreno (MS '19) is serving on the new Building Cultural Proficiencies for Racial Equity Framework Task Force. The task force is a joint initiative of the Association of College and Research Libraries; Association of Research Libraries; American Library Association's Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services; and Public Library Association.

  • Moreno, Teresa Helena (Class of 2019) 1 month 30 days ago

    Teresa Helena Moreno (MS '19) was featured on the Association of College & Research Libraries website as an ACRL Member of the Week

  • Sahay, Devashish (Class of 2019) 5 months 25 days ago

    Devashish Sahay (MS '19) recently converted an internship with PwC into a full-time position as an advisory associate.

  • Savage, Devin (Class of 2011) 5 months 9 days ago

    Devin Savage (MS '11) has been named dean of libraries for the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Savage served most recently as the interim dean of libraries at the IIT's Paul V. Galvin Library.

  • Sura, Sreeharsha (Class of 2018) 5 months 5 days ago

    Sreeharsha Sura (MS '18), a consultant for Deloitte Consulting LLP, writes, "I owe my success at Deloitte to the iSchool, especially data analytics, ABR and usability engineering, which enabled me to explore new perspectives on crafting tailor-made solutions for my clients on a daily basis. I am even more grateful to have found my life partner through the School."

  • Tang, Lydia (Class of 2015) 3 months 6 days ago

    Lydia Tang (MS '15) assisted in creating the Archival Workers Emergency Fund and spearheaded creating the Archivists at Home document with the SAA Accessibility & Disability Section Steering. 

  • Urberg, Michelle (Class of 2016) 2 months 16 days ago

    Michelle Urberg (MS '16) received an Early Career Fellowship from the Society for Scholarly Publishing in May 2020.

  • Van Poolen, Kayleigh (Class of 2018) 1 month 27 days ago

    Kayleigh Van Poolen (CAS '18) is working with The Atlantic on The COVID Tracking Project. As a volunteer on the data entry team, she scours posts from states and territories for information for the project's website.

  • Wittenberg , Jamie (Class of 2015) 4 months 6 days ago

    Jamie Wittenberg (MS '15) has accepted a new position as assistant dean for digital strategy and information technology services at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries.


  • David, Matthew (Class of 2007) 5 months 17 days ago

    Matthew David (MS '07) is the new learning experiences manager for the Tampa Hillsborough County Public Library (THPL), the 2019 Florida Library of the Year. As someone who embraces the importance of public libraries in education, this role and responsibility is an honor for him to assume. He will be located at the Tampa Free Library, a Carnegie building which opened in 1917. Up until the late 1960s it served as THPL's central branch; and it was the same library that Matthew's mother attended as as a young girl.

  • Del Negro, Janice (Class of 2007) 4 months 12 days ago

    Janice M. Del Negro (PhD '07), a professor in the School of Information Studies at Dominican University, is an Illinois Library Luminary nominee.

  • Edwards, Kathy (Class of 2006) 29 days 3 hours ago

    Kathy Edwards (MS '06) was promoted to librarian at Clemson University Libraries in July 2020. At Clemson, she has been the research and collection development librarian for architecture, art, city planning, and historic preservation since 2008 and was tenured in 2013. 

  • Evans, Gwen (Class of 2002) 5 months 5 days ago

    Gwen Evans (MS '02) has been appointed vice president, global library relations, for Elsevier, a global information analytics business specializing in science and health. She was previously the executive director of OhioLINK, Ohio's academic library consortium and state agency under the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

  • Hamilton, Jeanne (Class of 2008) 2 months 24 days ago

    Jeanne Hamilton (MS '08) was elected president-elect of the Illinois Library Association's 2020 Executive Board.

  • Lin, Sarah (Class of 2006) 2 months 7 days ago

    Sarah Lin (MS '06) joined RStudio, an open-source data science software company, last September as their information architect & digital librarian. She remains involved in the law library profession and was recently sworn in as president of the Northern California Association of Law Libraries. Her website is

  • Meyer, Rick (Class of 2009) 2 months 24 days ago

    Rick Meyer (MS '09) was elected as a director-at-large of the Illinois Library Association's 2020 Executive Board.

  • Miskewitch, Annie (Dougherty) (Class of 2003) 15 days 2 hours ago

    In December 2019, Annie (Dougherty) Miskewitch (MS '03) was appointed by the Board of Trustees as executive director for the Schaumburg Township District Library. Schaumburg Library has three locations just outside of Chicago, IL.

  • Noble, Safiya (Class of 2009) 12 days 2 hours ago

    Safiya Noble (MS '09, PhD '12) has been appointed to the Oxford Commission on AI and Good Governance, which was formed by Oxford University to advise world leaders on effective ways to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in public administration and governance.

  • Olmi, Adria (Class of 2001) 3 months 8 days ago

    Adria Olmi (MS '01) has been elected to a leadership role in the Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA), a division of the American Library Association. She has been elected as the designated director, Armed Forces Libraries; the term of office begins in the summer of 2020.

  • Sandusky, Robert (Class of 2005) 3 months 27 days ago

    Robert Sandusky (PhD '05) passed away on April 10. He was an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University Library's associate university librarian and associate dean for information technology.

  • Scott, Rachel E. (Class of 2007) 13 days 2 hours ago

    Rachel E. Scott (MS '07) was appointed associate dean for information assets at Illinois State University.

  • Silverman, Sharon (Class of 2004) 4 months 14 days ago

    Sharon Silverman (MS '04) defended her dissertation, "Librarians in Community Colleges: Strategies for Promoting Information Literacy," on December 10, 2019, at Northern Illinois University.

  • York, Maurice (Class of 2003) 3 months 6 days ago

    Maurice York (MS '03) has been appointed as the new director of library initiatives for the Big Ten Academic Alliance, effective May 21, 2020.


  • Barnes, Laura (Class of 1993) 2 months 24 days ago

    Laura Barnes (MS '93) was elected as a director-at-large of the Illinois Library Association's 2020 Executive Board.

  • Davis-Kahl, Stephanie (Class of 1998) 13 days 2 hours ago

    Stephanie Davis-Kahl (MS '98) has been appointed university librarian and copyright officer for the Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University.

  • Fox, Darin (Class of 1994) 2 months 7 days ago

    Darin Fox, (MS '94) has been named interim dean of Oklahoma University libraries.

  • Glatt, Michelle (Class of 1993) 2 months 24 days ago

    Michelle Glatt (MS '93) was elected treasurer of the Association of Illinois School Library Eductors' Executive Board for 2020-2021.

  • Qin, Jian (Class of 1996) 2 months 15 days ago

    Jian Qin (PhD '96) has been selected as the recipient of the 2020 Frederick G. Kilgour Award for Research in Library and Information Technology, sponsored by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA).


  • Burgh, Scott (Class of 1986) 2 months 24 days ago

    Scott G. Burgh (MS '86) has received the Robert L. Oakley Advocacy Award from the American Association of Law Libraries.

  • Davis, Mary Ellen K. (Class of 1981) 5 months 17 days ago

    Mary Ellen Davis (MS '81), executive director of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), has announced that she will be retiring in April 2020.

  • Horcher, Ann-Marie (Class of 1981) 3 months 18 days ago

    Ann-Marie Horcher (MS '81) was selected as a 2020-2021 Fulbright Scholar. She will be going to Poland in 2021 to do research and teach in "Media Literacy and Cybersecurity." 

  • Tompson, Sara (Class of 1987) 27 days 3 hours ago

    Sara Tompson (MS '87) retired at the end of January 2020. She has been keeping busy with the Special Libraries Association (she was named an SLA Fellow in 2017), chairing the Engineering Community for 2020. She is also pursuing additional aviation ratings and has a large tomato-dominated garden.


  • Bienemann, Margaret (Class of 1976) 6 days 2 hours ago

    Margaret Bienemann (MS '76) retired at the end of January 2020 from the University of Texas Libraries.

  • Tyckoson, David (Class of 1978) 5 months 5 days ago

    David Tyckoson (MS '78) is retiring in May. He has been at California State University, Fresno, since July 1997 and has been a librarian since August 1978.


  • Thomas, Lucy (Becker) (Class of 1968) 4 days 2 hours ago

    Lucy (Becker) Thomas (MS '68) retired as adjunct librarian at Santa Barbara City College. Previously, she served as director of the Reeves Medical Library and as a school librarian. Honors include Beta Phi Mu, distinguished member of Academy of Health Information Professionals, and officer of the Faculty Senate. She co-authored, "Making Informed Medical Decisions," with Nancy Oster, a handbook for consumers of healthcare.

  • Thrasher, Margaret (Class of 1964) 19 days 3 hours ago

    Margaret Thrasher (MS '64) passed away on April 29, 2020. She was the branch manager of the New Carrollton (MD) Branch Library before retiring in 2000.