iSchool Alumni Association

The mission of the iSchool Alumni Association (ISAA) is to support the School, to encourage active participation of alumni in the programs of the School and ISAA, to encourage students to become active, lifelong supporters of the School and ISAA, and to be a partner with the University of Illinois Alumni Association in supporting alumni in their professional lives. Alumni are automatically included as members of ISAA, which provides several valuable benefits and services. To learn more, including information about membership upgrades, please visit the University of Illinois Alumni Association.

2020-2021 ISAA Board Members

President: Brad Irwin (MS LIS '16)
Vice President: Louisa Kwasigroch (MS LIS '13)
Secretary (2018-2021): Robert Sarwark (MS LIS '16)
Treasurer (2018-2021): Bradley Kuykendall (MS LIS '15)
Past President: Jamie Wittenberg (MS LIS '15)
Director (2018-2021): Jhani Miller (MS LIS '15)
Director (2018-2021): Mark McCarthy (MS IM '18)
Director (2020-2023): Tarida Anantachai (MS LIS '11)

Bylaws & past presidents