Tuition and Financial Support


40 credit hours required for degree completion of Master of Science in Library and Information Science & Master of Science in Information Management. 

On-Campus (MS and CAS) – Library and Information Science and Information Management

2018-2019 Tuition: students are assessed tuition in credit hour ranges and on a resident/non-resident basis.
Range I Resident (12 credit hours or more in fall and spring): $7,006/semester
Range I Non-Resident (12 credit hours or more in the fall and spring): $12,036/semester

2018-2019 Fees*: students are assessed fees in credit hour ranges.
Range I Fees (residents and non-residents): $2,111

*These fees include use of the health and recreation facilities, health insurance and other campus services.

Online (MS and CAS) – Library and Information Science and Information Management
2018-2019 Tuition: students are assessed tuition per credit hour and on a resident/non-resident basis.
Resident Per Credit Hour Rate: $636/hour*
Non Resident Per Credit Hour Rate: $1,053/hour*

* These rates include a $50/per credit hour non-refundable administrative fee.  Online students are not assessed campus fees, like health insurance, and therefore are not eligible for those services.  

Types of Support Available - Eligibility


MS/LIS on campus *MS/IM on campus MS/LIS online *MS/IM online
Financial Aid - Student Loans X X X X
Assistantships X   X**  
Graduate Hourly X X X** X**
iSchool Financial Support X X X X
Other Financial Opportunities X X X X

*The MS/IM is a self-supporting program without state support, as defined by University policy, so students are eligible for grad hourly positions but not tuition-waiver-generating assistantships.

In addition, University of Illinois staff waivers are unable to be used for the MS/IM degree due to its self-supporting status.

**Online students able to work on a regular basis in the Champaign-Urbana area are eligible for assistantships (MS/LIS) and grad hourly positions (MS/LIS and MS/IM).

Financial Aid - Student Loans

U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizen students are eligible for student loans based on guidelines administered by the UI Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). Many jobs in LIS also qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. If you have received loans and then receive another form of funding (GA, RA, TA, hourly, fellowship, scholarship, etc.), contact OSFA immediately. Other awards will affect your loan amount, and you may be required to repay or relinquish loan-based funds if you receive other awards.


Graduate assistantships are through the iSchool, the University Library, and at many other units across the campus. Students in these positions receive both a monthly stipend and a base in-state tuition waiver. The majority of campus fees are also waived. Students in these positions work anywhere from 10-20 hours per week. Most appointments are for fall and spring only.

Graduate Hourly

Graduate hourly positions are also available through the iSchool, the University Library, and many other units across campus. These appointments do not include the base in-state tuition or campus fee waivers.

Where do I look for grad hourly or assistantship positions?
We have consolidated School and campus position posting sites here.

How do I apply?
Applying for these positions is synonymous with applying for a job. Students should expect to submit application materials including a current resume and tailored cover letter. Specific requirements and submission information will be available with each open position advertisement. 

iSchool Financial Support


Incoming Students
Incoming MS/LIS and MS/IM students are evaluated through their application for funding for their first semester. Criteria that are considered include merit, need, and diversity. We do not require additional information beyond the submitted application to be considered for this recruitment scholarship. All recruitment scholarship recipients are notified in their notice of admission.

Continuing Students
The School offers small scholarships funded by donors to help supplement other funding sources (loans, assistantships, etc.) for MS/LIS, MS/IM and CAS students. Information and application instructions for the upcoming semester are sent to continuing students at the end of the current term. Criteria that are considered include merit, need, diversity, and fit with available gift funds.


Fellowship opportunities are primarily awarded to PhD students and to other students on an available basis through external funding (e.g., grants). These include a tuition waiver and a scholarship on a per-semester basis. 

Other Financial Opportunities

All Students

MS/LIS Students

  • American Library Association Spectrum Scholarship Program – ALA’s national diversity and recruitment effort designed to address the specific issue of under-representation of critically needed ethnic librarians within the profession. In addition to the scholarship from ALA, the School awards Spectrum scholars tuition waivers to cover the 40 credit hours of required coursework.
  • The American Library Association publishes Financial Assistance for Library and Information Studies, an "annual directory of awards from a variety of organizations."

MS/IM Students


Questions about tuition and financial aid can be directed to mbedward [at] (Meg Edwards).