Book chapter co-authored by Hodson offers advice to job seekers

Rebecca Hodson
Rebecca Hodson, Assistant Director of Career Services

iSchool Career Services Coordinator Rebecca Hodson (MS '13) has coauthored a chapter in The Future Academic Librarian’s Toolkit: Finding Success on the Job Hunt and in Your First Job, a newly published book edited by Megan Hodge. According to the publisher (ACRL), this handbook will help readers add important skills to their professional toolkit, including advocating for themselves and their ideas, writing for publication, teaching effectively, connecting with faculty and students, and building their professional brand.

In the chapter, "Troubleshooting the Job Search," Hodson, Madison Sullivan (MS '15), and Kristina Williams (MS '17) discuss how job seekers can conduct their academic library job search in order to minimize challenges and maximize the opportunities they create.

"We examine—and provide solutions to—a variety of roadblocks to a successful search, such as geographic immobility and learning from rejection," Hodson said. "Additionally, we discuss practical strategies for maintaining self-care throughout this process."

In her role at the School, Hodson works with students on career exploration, identifying experiential learning opportunities, and the professional job search. She also serves as coordinator for the practicum course (IS 591). Her previous experience includes academic reference and instruction as well as work in youth and community services. Hodson holds a MS/LIS degree and bachelor's degree in history, both from Illinois.