Charles Linville

Charles Linville

Adjunct Lecturer

PhD, Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

Other professional appointments

Instructor, Department of Statistics
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, kGrove LLC
Founder and President, Ploughman Analytics

Research focus

Identifying idle cropland across the surface of the Earth. Commercial efforts are centered on taking Geography-as-a-Service products to market; businesses use these products, such as Ploughman’s FarmPlace®, to decide where to buy, sell, or act.


Charles Linville served as an information scientist at CIESIN, a United Nations World Data Center A for Human Interactions in the Environment, where he was the project manager for the NASA-sponsored Model Visualization and Analysis effort. At Archer Daniels Midland, the global agricultural processor and food ingredient provider, he led computing in support of ADM's Research Division. He is the inventor for ADM's first geospatial data analytics patent, "Evaluating commodity conditions using aerial image data." For the last ten years, he has led Ploughman Analytics, providing geospatial and other data analytics products and services to a variety of sectors, including food and agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, broadband communications, and higher education. His work bridges the boundaries among traditional geographic information systems, commercial business intelligence tools, and tools seeing prevalent use in applied data science such as the Python scientific stack. The Illinois Soils Web Tool, a mapping application deployed by Ploughman for the TIAA Center for Farmland Research, has been called one of the largest Tableau Public sites in terms of data volume.