Data Storytelling Toolkit for Libraries (DSTL)

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  • Kate McDowell
  • Matthew Turk

The University of Illinois, in collaboration with multiple community college and public libraries, will develop a data storytelling toolkit for libraries (DSTL) to support meaningful and effective data communication, empowering libraries to utilize the rapidly growing data landscape. DSTL will connect real-world examples of data use with data stories (including narrative strategies and data visualizations) as adaptable templates for communicating along with related online free resources for data exploration and visualization. The initial core design team will develop a set of common examples of data use for public communication. The project's long-term goal is to cultivate data storytelling expertise as a public-facing service so that community data storytelling needs are met at libraries and by librarians. Read more.

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Funding Agencies

  • Institute of Museum and Library Services, 2022 – $99,330.00