Student Achievement Data

Degree Progress

The Graduate College requires graduate programs to conduct annual academic progress reviews of all graduate students enrolled in degree-seeking programs, including degree-seeking students in online programs. An annual review helps the student progress successfully through the graduate program by allowing timely diagnosis of deficiencies, clarification of expectations for academic performance, and identification of opportunities for improvement.

Academic Year % of students successfully progressing
2013/14 99
2014/15 99
2015/16 99
2016/17 99

Employment and Salary Report

The iSchool at Illinois is one of the nation's top schools for information professionals, with an alumni network more than 10,000 strong. Our graduates are leaders in the information fields, working at the forefront of innovation in areas as diverse as education, healthcare, business, and science to develop solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.


The Practicum is a professional field experience program designed to provide the student with the opportunity to work in a professional environment under the supervision of an experienced librarian or information professional with the guidance of a faculty member. This opportunity allows students to integrate the theory and knowledge of course content with the application of principles and practices in a work environment, including these specific objectives:

  • To gain practical experience based on the understanding and application of theoretical knowledge
  • To observe the analysis of and solutions to problems arising in professional work settings
  • To interact with colleagues in a professional work environment
  • To participate in a representative range of professional activities in the work setting
  • To develop a professional self-awareness

The final grade for Practicum is entered as Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) and is determined by the faculty advisor based on the following:

  • An evaluation completed by the site supervisor
  • Active participation in the discussion forums
  • Completion/evaluation of weekly log and performance review assignments
  • Other information and or deliverables requested by the faculty advisor
Year Term # of students enrolled in practicum
2010 Summer 15
2010 Fall 24
2011 Spring 41
2011 Summer 24
2011 Fall 21
2012 Spring 40
2012 Summer 23
2012 Fall 24
2013 Spring 42
2013 Summer 28
2013 Fall 32
2014 Spring 41
2014 Summer 23
2014 Fall 21
2015 Spring 30
2015 Summer 28
2015 Fall 22
2016 Spring 36
2016 Summer 33
2016 Fall 24
2017 Spring 29
2017 Summer 21
2017 Fall 30
2018 Spring 36

Master's Student Showcase

The showcase provides an opportunity for MS/LIS, MS/IM, and CAS students to present projects, research, or other work of interest to the iSchool community in both a poster session and lightning talk format. It allows students to gain experience in developing poster and presentation content and to practice communicating the value of their work.

April 2016 Lightning Talks + Poster Session
April 2017 Lightning Talks + Poster Session