Gant leads e-government webinar series

Research Associate Professor Jon Gant will lead a series of webinars this fall designed for local government officials across the state of Illinois. Webinars will focus on e-government topics, such as best practices (September 17), technology planning (October 15), and using data and analytics (November 19). The webinars are part of the Local Government Strategies for Digital Government series, which is sponsored by the Digital Innovation Leadership Program (DILP).

Gant is an expert in e-government, geospatial information systems, strategic planning, and information systems, and serves as director of the Center for Digital Inclusion at GSLIS, which fosters inclusive and sustainable societies through research, teaching, and public engagement.

DILP is a University of Illinois partnership of the Center for Digital Inclusion, University of Illinois Extension, and the Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab, a unit of the Illinois Informatics Institute. DILP is supported with funding from the Illinois Extension & Outreach Initiative (a special partnership between Extension; the dean of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences; and the Office of the Provost), the Illinois Informatics Institute, and GSLIS.