Mehta consults on Safer Illinois app during internship

Jinhal Mehta

MS/IM student Jinal Mehta credits her iSchool experience with helping her develop the skills she needed for a successful internship with ROKMETRO, creator of the Safer Illinois app. Safer Illinois, the official COVID-19 app for the University of Illinois, provides pandemic resources to support community health and safety. Mehta found out about the internship at ROKMETRO, a startup at the University of Illinois Research Park, through her involvement in Illinois Business Consulting. She served as a consultant for the company as they launched the app, strategizing the launch and recommending app features.

"The courses that I have taken over the past two semesters have taught me various things, from programming skills to communicating with the client and meeting their requirements," said Mehta. "This helped me excel at my internship, as I had the perfect blend of techno-managerial skillsets."

Mehta earned her Bachelor of Engineering in electronics engineering from the University of Mumbai and worked as a project manager for two years before coming to Illinois for her master’s degree. So far, her favorite classes at the iSchool have been Applied Business Research (IS 514), Database Warehousing and Business Intelligence (IS 525), and Usability Engineering (IS 586).

After graduation, Mehta would like to work as a consultant or project manager. 

"I would like to implement the things that I learned in class in the actual corporate world," she said.

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