iSchool researchers present at CHI 2022

iSchool faculty and students will present their research at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2022), which is structured as a hybrid-onsite conference from May 2-5 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The annual conference brings together researchers and practitioners who have the overarching goal of making the world a better place with interactive digital technologies.

PhD student Qingxiao Zheng will present the paper, "User Experience Research in Conversational Human-AI Interactions: A Literature Review," which she coauthored with informatics PhD students Yiliu Tang and Yiren Liu, communications PhD student Weizi Liu, and Assistant Professor Yun Huang. In her talk, she will share the literature review conducted by the researchers with the goal of improving the future design of conversational agent (CA) systems. They found that designing with social boundaries—such as privacy, disclosure, and identification—is crucial for ethical CAs that encompass hybrid social actions, which involve more than human-CA interaction.

Assistant Professor Nigel Bosch will present the paper, "Can Computers Outperform Humans in Detecting User Zone-Outs? Implications for Intelligent Interfaces," which he coauthored with Sidney D’Mello, professor in the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. He will discuss their study to identify whether users "zoned out" (let their minds wander) while engaged in a computerized reading task. The researchers found that a combination of machine learning and human observation can lead to improved detection of mind wandering.

Assistant Professor JooYoung Seo coauthored the paper, "CollabAlly: Accessible Collaboration Awareness in Document Editing," which received Honorable Mention.