Reducing the Inadvertent Spread of Retracted Science: Shaping a Research and Implementation Agenda

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  • Jodi Schneider

When retracted papers are cited both before and after retraction, the scientific publication network inadvertently propagates potentially faked data, fundamental errors, and unreproducible results. Schneider's project will bring together a variety of stakeholders, including funders, editors, peer reviewers, authors, and publishers for interviews and a workshop. In addition to investigating the harm associated with retracted research, Schneider's research group will look at intervention points for stopping the spread of retraction, discuss which classes of retracted papers can be considered citable, and examine the impediments to open access dissemination of retraction statuses and notices.

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Project Manager: MT Campbell

Nathan Woods, MS/LIS student
Yoss Arianlou, undergraduate researcher
Halle Burns
Yuanxi Fu
Katherine Howell, MS/LIS student
Tzu-Kun (Esther) Hsiao
Randi Proescholdt, MS/LIS student
Vivien Yip, undergraduate researcher

retracted science

Funding Agencies

  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 2020 – $174,981.00