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BS in Information Sciences

Become an information specialist

If you are interested in learning how to use information and technology to help people reach their goals, a bachelor's degree in information sciences is right for you!

In today’s tech-centered job market, there is a high demand for information professionals. Our BS in information sciences (BS/IS) will provide a competitive edge by teaching you how to:

  • Design information systems and services
  • Organize, manage, and evaluate information for diverse users
  • Interpret and use data for real-world application and collaboration

You’ll become a specialist in the information sciences who understands the human perspective, social context, and policy implications of information in society. You’ll take courses in programming, database concepts, and research methods while also learning about broader social issues, such as information equity and ethics.

The BS/IS is the only program of its kind offered among public universities in the state of Illinois. The iSchool is a leader in higher education, ranked #1 among professional schools of library and information studies by U.S. News & World Report.

Judith Pintar

Students who come to the iSchool for a BS in information sciences will find themselves joining an exciting community working towards the common goal of understanding how people, information, and technology are connected in our world. Through your experiences in the classroom, research labs, practicums, and internships, you will gain the foundational knowledge and technical skills you need in order to contribute to addressing the important challenges and concerns of the 21st century.

Judith Pintar, Teaching Associate Professor and Acting BS/IS Program Director

Take the next step

Prospective students (first-year students and transfer students from another institution) and current University of Illinois students looking to change majors are invited to learn more about the BS/IS program.

Elena Marquez

What is unique to the information sciences major is we are also taught how to think about the applications of social informatics to be able to make ethical decisions concerning privacy, use, extraction and distribution of the information acquired from data. In my future career I would like to conduct data analysis to make business decisions or find the need for new products and services.

Elena Marquez, Class of 2022

Help others

Our degree is different from computer science because it emphasizes working with people who use the systems, technology, and tools you will create. As an iSchool student, you’ll focus on how individuals relate to information and how information is used in society.

The iSchool has established designated pathways to help guide you through your studies. BS/IS students may take electives within a pathway or across multiple pathways.

  • Information & Culture
  • Data & Society
  • Data Analytics/Data Science
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)/User Experience (UX)
  • Narrative Design & Game Studies
  • Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums


Our interdisciplinary, STEM-designated degree will prepare you to manage data and other types of information to help organizations achieve their goals. Examples of career paths include:

  • Content strategist
  • Data analyst
  • Database manager
  • Information governance analyst
  • Information technology analyst
  • Market research analyst
  • Product manager
  • Technology support specialist

You will have the flexibility to apply your skills in a variety of fields, such as education, health care, business and finance, arts and communications, and government.

Bastian Sanchez

The IS program is the most balanced program I have been able to find at UIUC that enables students to become socially, ethically, and technically skilled in our modern-day systems and technologies

Bastian Sanchez, Class of 2021

Celebrating academic achievement

The Dean's List is prepared each semester to honor all full-time students whose grade-point average (GPA) for that semester ranks in the upper 20 percent of their college. Congratulations to BS/IS students who made the list!

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Prospective students (first-year students and transfer students from another institution) and current University of Illinois students looking to change majors are invited to learn more about the BS/IS program by requesting more information, attending a virtual info session, and reading our BS/IS blog.