Intercollegiate Transfers

BSIS students beside the iSchool building

Illinois undergraduates who are not current students in the School of Information Sciences (iSchool) and want to change their major to an information sciences major (BSIS or BSIS+DS) should review the following steps in the ICT process. 

Current iSchool undergraduate students interested in a curriculum change into another iSchool major should email

Application requirements

Successful applicants for both the BSIS and BSIS+DS degrees are able to demonstrate their interest and academic success in the field of Information Sciences. Beyond this, each of these degrees have different minimum requirements which are outlined below. Meeting the minimum requirements for ICT does not guarantee admittance into the program. Acceptance into each of these programs varies by year and the competitiveness of the applications received.

All applications are reviewed holistically, meaning that all elements are considered and there is no one requirement that will determine the outcome of applications that meet the requirements listed below. 

To be considered for ICT, all applicants must:

  • Have completed the coursework requirements for their desired program (see below)
  • Have completed 24+ hours of college-level coursework
  • Have a minimum of two full semesters (fall/spring) of study remaining before graduation
  • For freshman students, must have spent two full semesters (fall/spring) in their college of admission
  • For off-campus transfer students, must have spent at least one full semester in their college of admissions

BSIS applicants

In addition to the requirements above, applicants should meet the following criteria before applying for the BSIS degree:

  • 3.00 cumulative GPA*
  • Have completed two IS courses for a letter grade, with IS 101 and IS 202 being the recommended courses. 
    • One of the two courses may be an INFO course
    • Cross-listed courses are allowed (i.e. STAT 107 may be taken to satisfy this requirement, as it is cross-listed with IS 107)
    • Courses must have been completed through the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    • Preference is given to 3 or 4 credit hour IS courses
  • Applicants must have earned grades of B or higher for all IS courses

* The iSchool will consider all applications submitted for the BSIS program, even if the requirements do not meet the minimum GPA or grades listed above. However, applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements should keep in mind that admission the program is competitive and will want to strengthen their application in other areas to increase their competitiveness.

BSIS+DS applicants

In addition to the requirements all ICT applicants must meet, all applicants must meet the requirements below. Unlike the BSIS degree, the BSIS+DS program typically will not consider applications that do not meet the minimum requirements listed here.

  • Completion of one of MATH 220/221/234 with a grade of B+ or higher. Proficiency credit earned on campus or pre-college is also accepted, as long as the course is listed on the student’s record
  • Completion of STAT/IS/CS 107 with a grade of B+ or higher
  • Completion of at least one IS core course (IS 101, 202, 203, 204, 205, or 206) with a grade of B+ or higher
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.67
  • Minimum ILLINOIS GPA of 3.67
  • Minimum IS+DS major GPA of 3.67 (includes all courses in the IS+DS curriculum and all IS/INFO courses) 

The BSIS+DS degree has higher minimum requirements than the BSIS program, but still undergoes a holistic review and is a competitive application. Students applying for the BSIS+DS degree are highly encouraged to select in the application if they would also like to be considered for the BSIS if not admitted to the BSIS+DS. 

Before you apply

Before starting the ICT process, all applicants are expected to: 

  • Attend an ICT information session: These sessions run throughout the fall and spring semesters and are a required step before students can meet with an iSchool academic advisor. The dates for these sessions will be posted on the iSchool events calendar at the start of the term. 
  • Attend ICT Express Advising with an iSchool advisor: After attending an ICT info session, bring your completed course plan to Express Advising to discuss with an iSchool academic advisor. ICT Express Advising is offered throughout the fall and spring semesters and is the best way to connect with an advisor to discuss your application and goals. ICT Express Advising times are posted at the start of the term.
  • Join the Interested Students ListServ: Fill out this form to receive updates on the major, application timelines, and to receive information on periods when prospective ICT students are eligible to schedule full-length advising appointments with our academic advisors.

ICT timeline

Term for which applyingFall TermSpring Term
Application availableMarch 10October 10
Priority deadlineMay 25January 1
Priority notificationlate JuneJanuary 10
Final deadlineAugust 10January 10
Final notificationFirst day of fall classesFirst day of spring classes

Note: Students should apply after having completed the minimum coursework requirements above. Applicants can apply while taking the required courses, as long as the class will be completed and a letter grade received by the deadline for that application period. 
In other words, if an applicant is taking the required classes in the Fall semester, final grades will be submitted in December and applicants may then apply by the January 1st deadline.

Application review process

The iSchool completes a holistic review of all materials submitted for the application as well as the student’s entire academic history. Meeting the requirements for GPA or grades alone does not guarantee admittance into the program, given the competitive nature of the application. It is essential that students provide detailed, thoughtful responses to the application questions in order to be competitive.

In addition to academic merit and course planning, the application review will consider if prospective students can demonstrate the following: 

  • An understanding of the field of information science and the major
  • A desire to learn multiple disciplines to address complex problems
  • A draw to understand the impact of information and technology on people
  • Commitment to improving society through the use of information and technology
  • Career goals that clearly align with this major
  • Interest in collaboration and teamwork

Beyond this, the application will also consider:

  • The student’s resume, including all co-curricular activities (preference given to activities that clearly connect to this major/field)
  • Their academic course plan, detailing their ability to complete all remaining courses prior to graduation
  • Optional activities such as attending iSchool events, meeting with an iSchool advisor, and other activities that indicate an interest in becoming a part of the School of Information Sciences

Average GPAs for acceptance

The information below displays average GPAs for students accepted for ICT into the BSIS and BSIS+DS programs. These are only averages and applicants with lower GPAs have been accepted with competitive applications. Having a GPA that meets or exceeds the average does not guarantee admittance into the major. 

BSIS average GPA for ICT

 StudentsAvg. Overall GPAAvg. Illinois GPAAvg. IS Major GPA
Spring 2022303.543.503.71
Spring 2024393.553.563.80
Fall 2024373.613.603.78

BSIS+DS average GPA for ICT

 StudentsAvg. Overall GPAAvg. Illinois GPAAvg. IS Major GPA
Spring 2024113.863.853.98
Fall 2024233.923.923.94

Dual degree

Students who are interested in a dual degree should discuss their interest with both colleges and majors first. If not already in the School, students my apply for ICT.