The BSIS+DS requires a total of 123 course credit hours:

  • General Education courses
  • Data Science (DS) Core courses
  • Information Sciences (IS) Core courses and IS electives
  • Meaningful Research or Discovery Experience courses

DS Core

The DS Core includes cross-college courses in mathematical foundations, data science fundamentals, computational fundamentals, and social impact in data science.

  • Mathematical Foundations
    • Calculus: MATH 220
      • or Calculus I: MATH 221
      • or Calculus for Business I: MATH 234
    • Linear Algebra for Data Science: MATH 227
      • or Linear Algebra with Computational Applications: MATH 257
  • Data Science Foundations
    • Data Science Discovery: STAT/IS/CS 107
    • Data Science Exploration: STAT 207
    • Modeling and Learning in Data Science: CS 307
  • Computational Fundamentals
    • Algorithms and Data Structures for Data Science: CS 277
  • Social Impact in Data Science
    • Ethics and Policy for Data Science: IS 467
    • Data Management, Curation, and Reproducibility: IS 477

IS Core

  • Introduction to the iSchool: IS 100
  • Introduction to Information Sciences: IS 101
  • Social Aspects of Information Technology: IS 202
  • Research Design for Information Sciences: IS 204
  • Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications: IS 206
  • Information Sciences and Culture: IS 308, 309, 310 or 311

Meaningful Research or Discovery Experience courses

One of the most important skills a student will gain in an IS+DS degree will be the ability to present data in meaningful ways. A research or discovery experience is as much a pillar of this degree program as both the data science core coursework.
6 Hours Required. Select from:

  • Professional Skills in Information Science: IS 200
  • Professional Skills in Information Science (credit only given for the PSU section): IS 490PSU
  • Independent Study: IS 189, IS 389, INFO 199, or INFO 299
  • Information Sciences Practicum: IS 249
  • Advanced Research Design: IS 304
  • Colloquium: IS 400
  • Study Abroad Experience with one or more courses focused on discovery (work with advisor for approval)
  • Students may complete a “Special Request Petition” to use another relevant course/independent study (work with advisor for approval)

Eligibility for BSIS+DS

Current Illinois students may apply for the BSIS+DS degree during the application periods.

  • Minimum Academic Requirements (Required - no exceptions)
    • MATH 220/221/234 Complete with a B+ or higher
    • STAT/IC/CS 107 Complete with a B+ or higher
    • At least one IS Core course (IS 101, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206) Complete with a B+ or higher
    • Minimum Illinois/Overall 3.67 GPA
    • Minimum DS+IS Major 3.67 GPA (includes all courses included in the DS+IS curriculum, and all IS/INFO courses)
  • Application